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Sasso Rosso

Sasso Rosso


On our label, you won’t find any vintage, info about grapes, nor wine-making methods, or tasting notes.




This wine represents what we believe in and what you could enjoy at Campo Sasso when you drink a (big) sip.


Blend of grapes = origin

We are originally from different countries, but we are trying to work and enjoy life together.


A blend of vintages = generations

We are a family business.


Blend of aging methods = different skills

We are developing partnerships with our close neighbors (winegrowers & winemakers)


We belong to the same territory: Val d’Ema in the heart of Tuscany.

This valley is so particular in terms of biodiversity, and wildlife, with specific soils and climate (around 500 masl).

Sasso Rosso is certified organic.


No tasting notes:

Sasso Rosso is a human creation that is trying humbly to enhance the fruits of Mother Nature in collective wine art expression that we hope you will enjoy and get the same feeling of harmony and happiness that we have at Campo Sasso in Val d’Ema.

Soon available in the shop!


The cheese cellar

Unique to the Chianti Classico region is the cellar at Campo Sasso where we have created a special environment to age cheese...

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