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How Dave & Jenny Marrs ended up renovating our Tuscan villa

Around 15 years ago I met Dave & Jenny on a wine tour while they were traveling in Italy, and over the next 15 years, Jenny would always reach out whenever she and Dave were in the area.

A friendship was born and fast-forward to a couple of years ago we had dinner at Campo Sasso soon after Pierre and I had purchased the villa.

Dave & Jenny wanted to dip their feet deeper into Italy and Italian culture so that's when the idea spurred and the Marrs pitched it to their producers...and much to everyone's surprise, it was accepted!

Almost 2 years later, here we are with the 6-episode Fixer to Fabulous Italiano airing on HGTV, Max, and during 2024 it will air at various stages around the world...


One of the first meetings at the architect's office.

We ship our evoo to your home!

The olive harvest in Tuscany is in October, right after the grape harvest. The olives are still green but are starting to turn color, and this is the best moment for picking as we can preserve the best flavor, vitamins and antioxidants...

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