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Our vineyard is very special for several reasons. In the spring of 2023, Pierre planted 500 baby vines by hand (see video underneath). Now, you have to know that Pierre was a professional agronomist winemaker in his past life in France, so this is really a passion project. 4 very different varietals of vines in a grid inside the olive grove. Vines are growing up on sticks like little trees, right next to the olives, ancient fruit trees, artichokes, and berries. Quite like the Etruscans did it three millennea ago. Today, it's called the agroforestry method and the idea is to have nature work its magic avoiding the problems that would otherwise come with monoculture.


The vines were planted in checkered rows in between the olive trees - similar to how vines were planted in antiquity -- see view from above:

The cheese cellar

Unique to the Chianti Classico region is the cellar at Campo Sasso where we have created a special environment to age cheese...

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