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Want to continue experiencing high-quality wines shipped to you from Florence?

Become a member of our Italian Wine Club and never miss an interesting Italian wine again.


We deliver a yearly shipment of 12 bottles, ensuring a monthly exploration of Italian wines from diverse wineries across the country. While our main focus is on Tuscany, we encourage you to venture into wines from the other 20 regions of Italy.

  • Typically, each shipment comprises 80% reds and 20% whites (or rosé), sourced from various Italian wine regions, with at least 50% being Tuscan wines. The selection is a blend of everyday wines and premium bottles for a special touch.

  • These wines are carefully chosen from the exceptional wineries we visit during our wine tours, with a dedicated emphasis on supporting small, sustainable producers in Italy. Your membership directly contributes to sustaining their valuable work.

  • As part of the club, you'll get access to detailed descriptions of each wine, accompanied by a suggested recipe to pair with it.

  • Explore and learn to cook 12 new Italian recipes – a delightful culinary journey!

  • Being a member of our wine club is the closest experience to being in Italy without actually being there!


Want a sample of the Grape wine club booklet you'll have access to? See here: 


The price includes shipping to the EU/USA.

Yearly Wine Club 2024 - 12 wines paired with 12 recipes

€ 500,00Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
€ 500,00
You can opt for a shipment every year
€ 500,00every year until canceled
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