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Hike & Wine Taste

Take a hike at around 4 pm (the full hike takes around 1.5 hours) and see some of the most amazing views that you would otherwise miss! 

So put on some trainers, pack a water bottle, grab the walking sticks, and get going. If you start at 4 you will be at the wine tasting at 5.30 pm!

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Start from Campo Sasso

Walk uphill and take a left at the first fork. You will walk past our neighbor Wolfgang's white-plastered villa and then up to the main road. Take a right and walk until you reach the first road on the left that goes up into the village.

At the intersection continue straight and follow the road on the left that turns into a dirtroad. After around 100 yards, you will see the hiking trail start on the left. Head up on that trail. See video here

Poggio Citerna

You will head up the Poggio Citerna hill. Every now and then you will see signs for the local flora and fauna, history,  and landmarks which is a perfect excuse to stop and catch your breath.

After around 10 minutes you will reach the top and here the views are 360 from one side of the hill to the other.


Monastery, trench & cross

Stop at the ruins of the old female monastery (13-hundreds) and the trenches left after WW2.

Continue until you reach the cross that has replaced an older cross which is where the hospital was.

Archeologists have found objects and remnants going back to Roman and Etruscan times.

Amazing view over Florence

You will hardly get a better view from the northern eastern side of Chianti Classico towards Florence. From here you can almost see Campo Sasso in the bottom left corner.

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Continue down the road

The hardest part of the walk is over, so you can stroll down the hill and along the road towards the winery La Novella. You will see the sign for the winery, and turn left, and enjoy some more beautiful views along the way.

Arrive at your wine tasting

You will arrive at the winery, La Novella, in good time to enjoy a well-deserved wine tasting.

When you are done, you simply stroll down the cypress laned driveway and at the road you can take a right and head down to Campo Sasso at the first left road.

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