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Olio del Campo means oil from the field - our fields at Campo Sasso and others around the Chianti Classico.

The olives are picked in late October and the beginning of November when maturation is just right for us to obtain a high-quality olive oil packed with polyphenols. We love olive oils that have a fruity green taste with a kick of spiciness.

Our prime olive oil is DOP certified from our region and the prevalent olive varieties are Frantoio, Leccino & Moraiolo.

Our prime olive oil is also certified organic so there are no foreign chemical residuals.

You should use our prime quality extra virgin olive oil to garnish your dishes, or simply enjoy on bread which we call Fettunta.

12 bottles (500 ml) of our 2024 EVOO shipping inclusive (November '24)

€ 420,00Price
Expected to ship in late November for arrival before Christmas
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